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Serica Semiconductor Technology (Beijing) Inc., Ltd. (short as Serica) is a high-Tech Integrated Circuit Enterprise, with its headquarter in Beijing, China, and its research facilities in Santa Clara, CA and Boston, MA. Serica was founded by Dr. Dan Ding, the expert of the Recruitment Program of Thousands of Oversea Elite Talents of China, in 2012, and the core team graduated from famous universities of China, USA and Germany, such as Tsinghua University, University of California, University of Southern California and University of Sttugart etc., and have work experience in global top high-tech enterprises and national laboratories in China, USA and Europe. Since founded, Serica has devoted to the research into the high-performance crypto-chips and network chips, and has gained advantages in the cutting-edge technology of high-performance SSL/TLS crypto-chips, post-quantum crypto-chips, and fully/somewhat homomorphic encryption chips.

So far, Serica is:

l  National High-Tech Enterprise;

l  Top 10 Enterprise in Zhongguancun Area of 2014;

l  Enterprise of “1000 Experts Program” of China;

l  “Golden Seed” Enterprise of Zhongguancun Science Park;

l  “Sea Sail” Enterprise of Beijing;

l  “Haichuang” Excellent Enterprise of Beijing Municipality;

l  Excellent Enterprise of Haidian Park of Zhongguancun Science Park;

l  Funded by the Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park;

l  Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise.

Serica Gemini series of high-performance SSL/TLS Acceleration Adaptors, which integrates Serica Gemini high-performance crypto-chips, supports both international cryptography algorithm standards, like RSA, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, AES, and SHA etc., and Chinese Commercial cryptography algorithm standards, like SM2, SM3, and SM4 etc. Serica Gemini can rival the Intel QuickAssist and Marvell Nitrox series in performance (digital signature operations per second or encryption blocks per second) and software support, like in OpenSSL etc.






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